Cat Friendly Clinic

We are a gold accredited cat friendly clinic

We understand that there are unique difficulties in bringing a cat to a veterinary clinic:

  • Cats often do not travel well and feel unsafe away from their home
  • They are highly sensitive to new sights, sounds and smells
  • Most cats prefer quiet and solitude and are highly susceptible to stress
  • Most cats are highly stressed by nearby dogs in the clinic
  • Cats need to be handled gently and with respect in the clinic

A Cat Friendly Clinic gives you peace of mind and reassurance, letting you know that:

  • The clinic has achieved certain minimum accreditation standards
  • The clinic and clinic staff have thought about the specific needs of cats
  • The staff will be happy to talk with you, show you what they do, and show you around the clinic
  • The staff will explain your cat’s treatment and recovery clearly and sensitively so that you have a full understand of what is going on.

We currently hold a GOLD award in the ISFM cat friendly clinic scheme. This means we have the best equipment, facilities and full team training to care for your feline friend.

This includes a separate waiting area to keep away from the noisy dogs, separate cattery with spacious cages for when your cat needs to stay with us and staff training in feline friendly handling.


Follow this link for more information on the cat friendly clinic scheme.

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