Budget for routine care costsWhy it makes perfect sense to join our Pet Health Club Today!

Members receive the following benefits:

  • Annual vaccination and health examination
  • Annual Kennel cough vaccination (for dogs)
  • All year flea and worm treatments
  • 2nd Health check at 6 months
  • Cost Price food (non prescription)
  • Annual Urine Test
  • Nail Clipping
  • Empty Anal Glands
  • Microchip or £10 voucher (one per plan)
  • 50% off Retail Cost of First Bag of Food (one per plan)
  • 25% off Royal Canin & Hills Prescription Food
  • 10% off Dentistry & Pet Passports
  • 10% off Pet Shop Sales & Geriatric Screening
  • 50% off Consultations
  • 20% OFF Selected Lifetime Care Medications and Neutering

The cost is distributed throughout the year by making monthly Direct Debit payments.

For full details follow this link or ask any of our staff at your preferred clinic. https://www.thepethealthclub.co.uk/
Happy Dog Family

Direct Debit prices as of January 2018:

Small Dog (less than 10 kg)  £12.50 per month

Medium Dog (10 – 25 kg)  £13.50 per month

Large Dog (25 – 50 kg)  £15.50 per month

Giant Dog (more than 50 kg)  £20.00 per month

Cat  £12.50 per month

Rabbits £7.80 per month