St Andrews (01334) 466800  –  Ladybank (01337) 832600  –  Newport-on-Tay (01382) 543487

Out-of-Hours Emergency Service call Vets now on – 01592 328336

dog bandageLameness  Many minor injuries will wait for the next routine surgery, but if you feel your animal may have a serious injury such as a dislocated or fractured leg, then please phone the duty vet for further advice. Things to look for in the case of a fracture or dislocation include reduced range of movement of a joint, inappropriate rotation of a limb, or a grating sensation when the affected limb is gently manipulated.

Road Traffic Accidents   RTAs come in all shapes and sizes, and injuries range from minor bruising to major complications involving broken limbs, severe bruising, internal bleeding and blood loss. Please contact the duty vet to discuss whether your animal needs seen, as in some cases they may not need seen immediately, but others may need urgent care.

St Andrews (01334) 466800  –  Ladybank (01337) 832600  

                  Newport-on-Tay (01382) 543487

      Out-of-Hours Emergency Service – 07872 817599