For urgent call outs or to arrange routine visits, please call our dedicated Large Animal reception line on (01337) 832600 – office open weekdays 8.00 – 1.00 and 2.00 – 5.45.  Outside these times if your horse requires urgent veterinary attention, please contact the duty vet direct on 07872 817599.

We operate a competitive pricing structure for our registered customers with accounts paid up to date – you can receive a 5% discount if you pay for your visit within 2 working days, or you can get 24% off worming products paid for at the time of supply.  Please ask for full details.

To see our full terms and conditions of Business for our Equine clients, please follow this link.

We strongly recommend insuring your horse in case of unforseen incidents – follow this link for more detail

We now have a wide range of factsheets about various aspects of equine health issues and general management – follow this link.

Breeding services  Provost Vet Group has exciting developments to its breeding services.  We are now fully able to hold, collect, evaluate and process frozen semen. This could be for private storage, insemination and shipping.  We are also now offering embryo collection for embryo transfer programs.  Please contact Laura at the Ladybank number to discuss your individual situation.

We are able to attend horses by appointment at our Ladybank site, either for routine consultations (eg vaccines) or for extended procedures, including x-rays and ultrasound examinations, without you incurring our standard call out charges as well as being able to visit your horse at your yard.  We have a number of vets experienced in equine practice and are able to provide a wide range of clinical services.

Our Equine Services include:

•Vaccinations •Microchipping  •Passport applications and ID’s  •Feacal worm egg counts and worming protocols developed for your individual situation
•Dentistry Routine
◦Routine Rasp
◦Dremal work
◦Molar extractions
◦Diastema work
•Sinus surgery
•Pre purchase Examinations (vettings) 2 and 5 stages
•Export Certificates
•JMB Official Measuring pad and practice
◦Full work up and management of long term conditions
◦Nerve blocks
◦Either on site at our Ladybank Facilities or at your own yard
◦Ultrasonography of Tendons / joints
•Reproduction – the only BEVA Registered AI practice in central Scotland
◦Routine pre-insemination scans
◦AI with fresh, chilled or frozen semen (At your own yard or here at the clinic)
◦Semen examination at time of insemination
◦Pregnancy diagnosis
◦Diagnosis of twin (multiple pregnancies) and subsequent reduction
◦Mare sub fertility investigation and treatment (washing out / biopsies as required)
◦Treatment of mare reproduction problems surgical correction of poor vulval conformation
◦Collection, examination and evaluation of semen shipping if required
◦Flushing, examination and evaluation of embryo’s for embryo transfer programs
•Medicine Cases
◦Liver cases
◦Weight loss
◦Poor performance
•Respiratory Work ups
◦Endoscopic examinations
◦Tracheal washes
•Skin Conditions ◦Allergies  ◦Sarcoids  ◦Wound management ◦Dressings

For appointments or further information please call us on 01337 832600 during office hours.