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Dog Ear CleaningEar Problems   Most ear infections are not true emergencies, but if the animal is distressed and you cannot stop them from scratching or shaking their ears, then they may cause significant further damage if the ear is left untreated. A Buster collar may help if you have one to hand that fits well. Ears bleed profusely when cut, and this may need prompt attention. Swelling of the ear flap may occur either from the damage caused by scratching and shaking, or from blunt trauma (typically dogs running into trees or door posts). The swelling is caused by blood leaking into the space between the skin and the cartilage of the ear flap. Unless the animal is significantly distressed, these are usually okay to leave until the clinics reopen for routine work.

Eye Problems    These are notoriously difficult to give firm advice about over the phone, or in general terms. Minor eye infections will wait until the clinic is open – these are usually characterised by a creamy discharge and the eye(s) being either partially shut, or covered partially by the third eyelid (a pale flap which arises from the nose side of the eye). More significant eye infections, where there is damage to the eye surface, or where there is suspicion of a foreign body (eg. splinter or grass seed) will often require an emergency appointment. In case of doubt, please phone the duty vet to describe your pet’s symptoms.


St Andrews (01334) 466800  –  Ladybank (01337) 832600  –  Newport-on-Tay (01382) 543487

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