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Coughs and inhaled foreign bodies   The most common cause of coughing in dogs is Kennel Cough. This is not limited to dogs who have been in kennels – it can be easily picked up from passing contact on the street, at dog shows, training classes, and so on. Kennel cough rarely causes acute life-threatening problems, but if you are concerned, please contact the duty vet. It is relatively uncommon for animals to inhale foreign bodies, but if they do, it generally causes a persistent cough and the animal is unlikely to want to eat or drink. If your dog is coughing non-stop and may have inhaled a foreign body (eg. from running through long grass or crops), then please contact the duty vet as soon as possible.

Cone of ShameCuts and Grazes (including bleeding)   Not all cuts and grazes need attention. If the wound is small (less than 1 cm) and away from the eyes, mouth or other orifices, then they should be cleaned with cooled boiled water (or if that is unavailable, just clean water). Do not use disinfectants or any human disinfectant creams.  The biggest issue with small injuries, especially in dogs, is the damage caused by the animal trying to keep the area clean. If the dog tries to lick at a wound, a light dressing may be applied, or use a muzzle or Buster collar to protect the area – we have these at all our clinics.

If there is bleeding, then firm pressure (ideally with a sterile or clean dressing) will stop most minor bleeds.  Even if a larger artery is bleeding, then pressure should be applied, but be careful if you are concerned about a foreign body being left in (eg. a piece of glass).  If the wound is near the eyes; the wound won’t stop bleeding after a few minutes of firm pressure; or if the wound obviously requires stitching, then we would normally advise that the animal is seen promptly as they will heal better if stitched within a few hours of the injury occurring. Contact your nearest clinic or the duty vet on the numbers shown below.

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